Sunday, September 12, 2004

88 89

Went to see 88 89 last night. This is the band that Jason and Mark play in, and last night was their first real gig in front of, like, people and stuff. =) Let me tell you: they rock! I told Jason and his co-lead singer, Ross, that very little about their concert made it sound like a first gig. Their three (!) sound checks had me wondering, but once they started the show, they sounded polished and professional right through their entire set. I was impressed.

I especially enjoyed their songs that were driven by more unique rhythms. One or two of their songs put me in mind of Third Eye Blind. About a year ago, Jason suggested that their sound was reminiscent of The Beatles and/or John Mayer. Honestly, I think 88 89's sound is more multi-dimensional than either of those two.

They've gotten a bunch of new gigs set up lately, and their debut album is coming out soon, so I think Madison is going to get to know the band pretty well in the coming months and years. If you get a chance to see them, take it; it'll be worth it. (If not, then at least treat yourself to a listen of some of the songs they've recorded in-studio.)


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