Friday, December 24, 2004


Packers 34 - Vikings 31

The Green Bay Packers are back-to-back-to-back NFC North Division Champions!!!

For the third time in as many years, the Packers have clinched the NFC North Division title... and they did it by beating Minnesota 34 - 31 for the second time in as many meetings.


Longwell? Super. That's a last-second field goal for the fourth time in the last seven weeks.

Defense? Not so much. We couldn't tackle! I think we actually made only three decent tackles in the entire game. We're going to need to fix that if we expect to advance in the playoffs.

The O-line started a bit shaky, but ended up playing a really solid second half.

Driver had a great game. Brett threw an interception (that turned into a defensive TD, unfortunately), but also completed some amazing passes to our own guys.

In the end, we're the victors. That means we're the guaranteed #3-seed in the NFC, and that we get a home playoff game in a couple of weeks. Sunday's games may determine how that will all pan out, or we may have to wait another week.

There's actually still a chance that Minnesota won't make the playoffs at all! They'll have to beat a grass team outdoors to do it. More likely, though, they will... and they may even end up being the team that comes to Lambeau. If so, maybe we can plan yet another 34 - 31 victory. I'm pretty sure that is unprecedented in the NFL. If it's not them, we will likely be playing a team that does not even have a winning record, thanks to the lackluster performance of NFC teams this year.

Now, remember that we still have another regular season game to play next week! We need to go to Chi-town and show the Bears that meeting Lovie's edict was a one-time thing.

Next week doesn't matter right now, though. Right now, there are two words that spring to mind:
Merry Christmas!!!


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