Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Adding Insult to Injury

Packers 25 - Jaguars 28

Oh, what heartbreak. Yes, we are in the playoffs (thanks to #4 on the list, actually), but we sure would've preferred to get there on our own. We sure would have preferred to see Detroit pick up the football after muffing the PAT snap and throwing it into the end zone for 2. We sure would've preferred to see Fergie get up after that play rather than have to get carted off. We sure would've preferred to have an officiating crew that was the least bit consistent in their calls!


Fergie went home from the hospital today, and Darius got a $75,000 fine from the league, which he says he'll appeal. He says he didn't intentionally try to hurt Fergie with that hit. He says he "was just running over trying to make a play, trying to separate him from the ball." He practically separated his head from his torso. The replays I saw showed his arm up above where the ball was. The Jags all say it looked clean.

The only positive that came out of that was that the 15-yard penalty that was assessed helped us turn a 31-yard completion into a 46-yard gain. Unfortunately, it led to Brett's second end zone interception of the game. That just kills. In a game where we had almost 450 yards of offense, we were in the red zone I think five times and got a total of 3 points out of it.

So much to lament over, but now I'm just looking ahead to the game in a few days, when we meet a Minnesota team that actually has Randy Moss. I'm hoping for a victory for Christmas, not just because it would mean we'd win the division for the third year in a row, but because it would mean we swept the Vikings and helped them complete their annual collapse. I'm feeling too much like I felt at the point in the season when we were 1-4, though -- not much hope.

If Santa really is a Packers fan, then look for a Merry Christmas indeed.


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