Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a Wynn!

Packers 35 - Giants 13

I couldn't resist. Actually, Wynn's two TDs were just icing around Brett's three touchdown passes. I mean, I'm not quite ready to say "Ahman who?" just yet -- one 38-yard run to ice the game was about the only bright spot from the rushing standpoint. Luckily, Favre and the offense showed up in the second half. Brett was 18/21 for 147 yards in that half, completing the first 14 in a row. Exciting as hell to watch.

His three TDs in this game brought him to 417 (three away from Marino's record), and the win was his 149th, making him the all-time winningest QB in NFL history. While I'm certainly guilty of keeping close tabs on all of "his" records, even Brett admits that last one's not exactly as meaningful as it might seem:
I think it's unfair that the quarterback gets labeled with wins and losses. I think it's a team effort.
For my money, that's in the same vein as the "interception" that comes off another player's hands. I say that shouldn't count against the QB, so, for consistency's sake, I should probably also say the QB shouldn't be the only one given credit for his team's wins. But come on. It's Brett Favre!

Special teams were good again last weekend. It's plays like the forced fumble in our fourth quarter kickoff that makes differences in games. If we can count on 3-7 points per game off of special teams, we're in great shape.

Incidentally, these two wins to start the season means we won't be 1-4 this year!!! This is the first time we've started 2-0 since 2001. Actually, it means we've won our last six games in a row. Cool.

In other news, Bubba Franks returned. He caught his first TD pass since October of 2005. In fact, between him and Donald Lee, I think the tight ends were involved more in this game than they were in all of our games last year!

Oh, and that Mason Crosby kid is a total bust. What a loser. We should have kept Rayner.

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