Saturday, September 18, 2004

Na Na Na Na, Good-Bye

So, at my appointment at the UW's Stone Clinic earlier this week, they showed me my diagnostic profile. Common risk factors for kidney stones include high calcium or magnesium, or low citric acid values. My highest risk factor: Sodium (Na, get it?). Yippee.

When the doctor came in, I said, "So, no more McDonald's french fries, I guess, huh?" His response surprised me. He said the fries aren't really all that bad for sodium. Unfortunately, the Dietician then shared with me a list of fast food items and their respective amounts of Sodium. The worst sandwich at McD's: Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese, with just over 1300mg of sodium. She wants me at no more than 2500mg per day.

I'm sad now.


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