Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Brett's 200th

Packers 45 - Rams 17

I'm not sure what our defense is all about. It's perplexing, to say the least. On one hand, we had two defensive touchdowns (should've been three, but one of the idiot refs decided to redefine the phrase "forward progress was stopped" and prematurely blew the whistle on a failed fake field goal by the Rams late in the third quarter, as we were in the process of returning it toward the end zone). On the other hand, we just can't seem to stop the medium and big plays. I like us against the run -- we've certainly improved since the loss to the Bears (Grady matters!) -- but our secondary is really hot and cold. Not a fan of playing five (or eight, or ten) yards off the line or of blitzing without covering the middle... but that's nothing I haven't said before. I just don't know what we're going to do with that in Philly next week.

This is usually the point when I have to smack myself. Who am I to bitch?! The Packers do things that other teams in the league can only dream of. We have the best quarterback in the NFL. We can run and pass the ball successfully. Our O-line is solid -- Brett has been sacked only five times this year. And we crushed them! Right? So shut up! Right?

It's just that I yearn for so much more. Brett Favre just started his 200th straight regular season game. I think it's safe to say he's closer to the end of his run than he is to the beginning. I want to squeeze every remaining memory out of this era. I'm entitled to pout when the rest of the team doesn't play like they feel the same way. If the entire defense did, I think they'd not only have two TDs per game, but they'd push the opposing team back an average of five yards per play.

Really: Is that so much to ask?

Yesterday was all about Brett (Governor Doyle declared it Brett Favre Day in Wisconsin), but he was unselfishly willing to share the limelight. Six different Packers scored touchdowns, and rookie Ahmad Carroll and Ahman stand-in Najeh Davenport both had amazing games. It was exciting to watch, of course. We never trailed. Annoyingly, the Rams kept coming back to within 11 points, but in the end Brett's Day was the Packers' night.

BTW, the passing TDs streak continues, and Brett has now thrown at least 20 TDs in 11 seasons -- that's one more than Marino.

I really should stop bitching....


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