Sunday, October 31, 2004

Your Next President: John F. Kerry

Packers 28 - Redskins 14

This clinches it. Whether we find out officially late Tuesday night or in late December, the Packers (or, really, the Redskins) just ensured that Bush will be ousted. Thanks, boys!

Now, Brett did have 3 INTs, but he also threw a TD in his 33rd straight game. Al Harris did let Rod Gardner catch 2 TDs, but he also did pick Brunell off in the 4th quarter when it really mattered. And even though Ahman had a pretty lackluster performance, he did score 2 TDs. All in all, the game was kind of a wash. But a victory.

I was nervous when we started... er, stopping in the 2nd half. We scored 3 points on our first possession of the 2nd half, and then not a whole lot until the end of the game, when we were playing reactive football. I prefer it when we are proactive. Going for it on 4th and inches near the goal line early in the game is a good example. (It's also something I don't think Rossley would have called, so I'm still liking Coach Gimli making the calls on offense!)

We need the week off. We have to heal. I'm hoping we can be as successful after the bye this year as we were last year. We get to start fresh, since we're now .500 again.

Also of note in the NFC North: Both Minnesota and Detroit lost today. (Minnesota got pounded -- I'm hoping for a similar turnaround for them this year, too!)

A funny note about Harris: FOX showed a shot of him from behind in the first quarter, his dreadlocks streaming out from under the back of his helmet. Brett and I were eating lunch, and he pointed at the screen and said, "Look, that's mommy!"


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