Friday, November 12, 2004


Just two more politically-charged articles and then I'll stop for a while -- I need a break. (Maybe I'll go down to Cancun for, oh, four years or so.)
  1. Thomas L. Friedman wrote an article for The New York Times a couple of weeks ago entitled "Two Nations Under God." My parents read it over in France and mentioned it to me when they returned last week, so I looked it up. I think it nutshells what this election was really all about. I found a you-don't-have-to-register-to-read-it version here.
  2. More in the Jon Stewart in '08 vein: Stewart was on CNN's "Crossfire" a few weeks back, and he talked about how spin is all we get now. The election, in fact, was won (and lost) thanks to spin, not real issues. It's someone's take on an issue that matters now, and, in Stewart's words, it's "hurting America." Case in point: Look who our President is, hello. Anyway, I've already shared this with lots of people, but here is the transcript from that show. It's worth a read.
All right, enough avoision. I'll be better now, I promise.


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