Sunday, December 05, 2004

NEWS FLASH: Packers Under New Ownership

Packers 17 - Eagles 47
PHILADELPHIA - Sunday evening, the Green Bay Packers announced that they are no longer owned by their fans. In a surprise move, the Philadelphia Eagles were named as the Packers' new owners.

In a related story, the Eagles have also announced their ownership of the entire organization of 116 NFL officials.
Yeah, that sucked. Now, let me post something which should be extremely unpopular: I didn't expect the Packers to win this game today. However, I did allow myself to believe some of the hype surrounding the game; especially from those suggesting that these two teams were well-matched, and that the Pack at least had as good a chance as any NFL team to surprise Philly. Many this morning suggested (in the same stories where they wore out "fourth-and-26" yet again) that "it should be a fun game to watch." That would have been nice.

I am most upset about the end of Brett's streak. Apparently, this is something he really didn't care that much about. If he'd cared, then when Craig Nall got us down near the goal line after a pass interference call against the Eagles, Brett would have hopped off the bench, snapped off his stocking cap, and tossed one into the end zone. He stayted put. Nall got two passing TDs in his stead.

Sigh. I fear this is really the beginning of the end. Maybe our young, inexperienced defense isn't enough to keep Brett here much longer. If so, then the Jags game just popped up another notch on the list of the most important events in my life. It may indeed be the last home game for Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

It may just be the loss talking. I hope so.


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