Sunday, January 02, 2005

Speaking of Three in a Row...

Packers 31 - Bears 14

As predicted, Lovie's edict was indeed a one-time thing. And as predicted, the Viqueens finished choking on their season outdoors at Washington. But as suggested, they still backed into the Playoffs, and they'll be back at Lambeau for an attempt at losing thrice to the Pack in the same season.

Today's game was fun, despite a scary first series by Chicago, in which they marched down the field and scored a TD in four plays. After that, Brett had some fun, and we found a defense on our way to this win. Eventually (second quarter!), Gimli sat most of our offensive starters. He wisely chose to leave the defense in. They got some needed confidence back, thanks to a plethora of sacks and scores, all of which they could dedicate to Reggie White's memory.

If anything, Chicago should thank us -- we secured them a #4 pick in the 2005 draft.

Next week's game will be on Sunday. We'll host Minnesota in the last of the four Wild Card games. Our victory will take us to Atlanta, as #2 should play #3, while #1 Philly plays either Seattle or St. Louis. So that means we'll be beating one of those last three teams in the NFC Championship game. If it's either of the last two, it'll be back at Lambeau.

I wonder who we'll play in Jacksonville in Super Bowl XXXIX in February....

Some notes:
  • The Packers have never played Minnesota in the postseason.
  • Minnesota's lost 7 of their last 10 games. We've won 8.
I'm just saying.


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