Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Blahgs

It's not that I don't want to post. Quite the contrary, in fact. And when I get on dry benders like this last one, I'm almost constantly thinking, ooh, I should blog this or that -- I even compose posts in my head. But then life intercedes and I never get it written. Someone will invariably tell me that I need a Blackberry so I can blog immediately as I think of things. I don't. Thanks.

See, lately, I've begun to think of blogs as bad things. At best, they're really incredible time-wasters. I know there are blogs out there that I would absolutely benefit from reading daily. The benefit is mostly intrinsic, though, and actually taking the time that would be involved to read every single post on every single one of those blogs would get in the way of some of my responsibilities, many of which are direct pathways to that all-important extrinsic benefit, money. So I haven't tried to find those blogs out there, and I have tried my best to avoid reading the ones I already know exist, for fear of getting into the habit.

Having said that, I do have my favorites. At some point during the week, I like to keep up with Dave Barry's blog because he makes me laugh, and it fills the void left by his weekly column, which is currently on hiatus. And I read Ang's posts regularly, too, because she's a longtime friend who thinks a lot like I do and who writes about stuff that matters. (She makes me laugh, too.)

I let the RSS feeds handle everything I read, though. I am now using Thunderbird (both for RSS and for email). I used to use FeedDemon, but I realized that free was cheaper than not free, and I like T-bird better, anyway. Using RSS, I can just check a folder for the latest posts on my blog or website of choice. (It also makes weeding a little easier; for example, I really just read Ang's posts... Katy's go immediatley into the Trash -- no offense intended... I just don't know her!) This, of course, also allows me to keep up with time-wasters of a non-blogular form. I read just about every deal that gets posted on TechBargains, and I keep up with what's all the rage at Free Download a Day, just for starters. The feeds I check are mostly so I can stay up-to-date on news, technology, and prices of all the computer and electronic equipment I can't afford. I used to read Slashdot until I realized it was taking up hours of my week that I really didn't need to lose reading about what some nerd thinks about "Star Trek." There are literally hundreds of thousands of others I could be perusing, and every once in a while, I add one to my list.

What blogs do you keep up with, and -- perhaps more importantly -- why? What are the RSS feeds you can't live without?


Blogger Lisa said...

Do you even read SW88 anymore? When was the last time you posted? I was sure my finding Mara and Darren and even Chad Carlson would have snapped you out of your rut. Oh well. I have begun reading Ang's posts regularly as well, so I guess she's the big winner. I miss you, you turkey.

11:35 AM  
Blogger A+ said...

Thanks for reading, you guys!

What the hell is an RSS feed?

10:17 AM  

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