Thursday, August 11, 2005

Gearing Up

Packers 10 - Chargers 7

Last Friday night, 62,492 people crammed into Lambeau to watch the Packers play a scrimmage against the Bills. The tickets for that game sold out in just three hours. The NFL Network was there to document what a real football team with real football fans is like. Name another team that would've packed 'em in like that even before the Preseason.

Tonight, the Preseason began in earnest. One would've expected Brett to play just one or two series, but he played nearly two full quarters instead. He bowed out after a very Favre-like 23-yard rainbow TD pass to Double-D, capping an 80-yard drive. He was a near-perfect 9 for 10 for a total of 91 yards tonight. Then Aaron, Craig, and J.T. came in and played for a while. (Watching O'Sullivan is still kinda' freaky; I still can't quite get used to someone standing behind Center with a big number 7 on his jersey again.)

Maybe best of all, Chargers Kicker Nate Kaeding (remember him?) missed a 43-yard field goal, a 44-yard field goal, and a 45-yard field goal... only to see Ryan Longwell kick the winner from 53 yards out with 33 seconds left in the game!

In other "news," Terrell Owens is a total prick. I, of course knew that back in 1999.

Yes, I know, it's only the Preseason. Imagine what I'll be like once the regular season kicks off.



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