Friday, January 20, 2006


Just this moment -- at roughly 25 seconds after 5:00pm -- I turned ONE BILLION SECONDS OLD. Happy Gigasecond to me.

Also, my car is sitting in a parking lot downstairs with an odometer that reads 199994. Shortly after I begin my battle with the snow and idiot drivers on the Beltline on my way home tonight, I'll see the 200,000-mile rollover.

Truthfully, the reason I'm waiting a bit to leave is that I'm kind of worried about what would happen if I reach the billionth second and the 200,000th mile simultaneously. I might just hit the nexus of the universe and cease to exist.



Blogger A+ said...

Hope it didn't take you 3 hours to get home in the snow, since the Madison powers that be decided that they would stop plowing for all of eternity.

4:02 AM  

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