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See? We didn't want Bush or Leinart anyway.



Blogger USJogger said...

Harsh! In the post below, you rightly take Ted Thompson to task for giving up on Sherman after one bad season. Now the Trojans are losers after losing one game by three points?

I'll tell you who is responsible for this loss: Pete Carroll. How can you go for it on fourth and two at midfield with two minutes left when you're up by 5? Kick the ball!

You gotta hand it to Leinert for class, though. How about this quote?

"This is what it's all about, 41-38 in the final game," said Leinart, the Trojans quarterback and Heisman winner a year ago. "You couldn't ask for anything better. This was a great football game. We gave our hearts, they gave their hearts and they came out on top."

That's class.


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Blogger Andy said...

Ah! Welcome, USJogger! As you are a new reader to this blog, you obviously haven't picked up on my penchant for sarcasm and dry humor. Both are of course quite difficult to express electronically, and I refuse to set my biting remarks off with <snark> tags. You will just have to get to know me a little better. Join my teeming list of faithful readers! All three of them ought to welcome you with open arms. (See? There I go again.)

Truth be told, I was hoping for a great game, but the entire sports media world (ESPN and ABC especially; thanks, Disney) jinxed that by guaranteeing that it would be. I assumed like 90% of the fans who voted as that USC would go out with a win and keep their streak alive. I wasn't necessarily rooting for them, but I wasn't really rooting for TX either (I was torn: I hate the state on principal but my favorite college professor -- Dr. Neuliep, Communications -- was a Texas graduate, so I got to imagine his excitement vicariously).

I was surprised at the play calling and the lack of defense. The Penn State/Florida State game (a.k.a. The Geezer Bowl, brought to you by Geritol) and -- of course -- the Wisconsin/Auburn game were both more thrilling.

And in the end, as a Packers fan, I'll take anything I can to make myself feel better. Of course Bush (Reggie) and Leinart aren't losers in the derogatory sense. That quote from Leinart proves it. It was funny to write it that way, though.

SELFLESS PLUG: USJogger is doing something cool. Check out his blog to keep up on his virtual journey across the United States. Good Luck, Jogger!

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