Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas, Indeed

Packers 17 - Bears 24

It's the holiday season, so I'll try to keep things light. I was at the least disappointed to hear the loss (we were on our way from WI to MI, so I was forced to tune in on the radio and listen to Chicago's announcers, who suck, BTW). Three word anthem: I hate kickers. Of course, given the coaching decisions, we still would've lost by one point had Longwell even made those two kicks.

But even given the poor coaching and the poor execution and the seemingly endless stream of interceptions, I feel like a true Wisconsinite conservative when it comes to the Packers: Status quo is fine by me. Should Sherman come back next year? Absolutely. If he doesn't, guess who else doesn't?

I will be at the game next week, and quite honestly one of the things I will be looking for will be how the Lambeau crowd responds to Brett. I will be looking for the homemade signs, to see how many people really think it will be Brett's last game on the frozen tundra. I suspect at the very least he will be receiving an ovation. I hope it'll be after the game is securely in hand for the Pack, and Rodgers is coming in to spell Brett after he leads us to an insurmountable 35-point lead... but I'll take what I can get. My prediction is that Hasselbeck won't be making any predictions like the one he botched two years ago because the 'Hawks won't bother to play many of their starters after the initial drive. I hope we play our guys the whole way and pretend it's the fucking Super Bowl. It's as close as we're going to get this year, and, given the mentality of any good Packers fan, whupping the eventual Super Bowl loser is as good as claiming second place in the league, even in a 4-12 season.



Blogger Garth said...

Hey - stopped by your blog and found out you too are a Packer game and quite possibly were at the Seattle game as well. Check out my blog for some photos from the game. Keep the faith - Favre will be back!!! I'm actually sad to see Sherman go but hopefully we change things up and take things a new direction - as in actually being in the playoffs!!!

12:08 AM  
Blogger Andy said...

Hey, thanks, Garth! Glad to see you were able to make the trek south of the border and catch the NFL's greatest team in the NFL's greatest stadium on that special day!

Because you didn't link to them, I thought I'd point to your entries about the game here and here.

I hope you're right about Brett. Thanks again, Garth, and go, Pack, go!

12:09 AM  

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