Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Best Hometown(s) I Know

Speaking of childhood homes, Ang sent this to me the other day:

I used to love that "Hello Milwaukee" jingle from the mid-'80s -- reminds me of when I met John Malan at the boat show and he signed a Xeroxed picture of himself for me! -- until about a year after it came out, when I heard the same jingle with different lyrics; but instead of "...Hello Milwaukee! Channel 12 loves you!" it was "...Hello West Michigan! Channel 3 loves you!" (on WWMT -- "We're West Michigan Television!" -- out of Kalamazoo). And then I heard it again in both Atlanta and Chicago, which made me think, among other things, West Michigan? Really?

Apparently, the jingle may have had its origins in Canada.

Most recently, we heard it in San Diego on the Old Town Trolley Tour... which, incidentally, was narrated by the always current and relevant Rich Little.

The same woman appears to have sung all of the jingles. She must have made a fortune in residuals. She and Rich Little probably own an island in the Bahamas together.

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Blogger Ang said...

Actually, she probably didn't make anything on residuals. Remember when my mom was the voice of Heiser Toyota for the entire freaking 90s? ("Heiser finds a way, finds a way..." with the stubby pencil?) She got a flat rate to record, and then... nada.

3:05 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

There is a guy on YouTube called "milwaukeetvmadman" who has TONS of awesome commercials like that one... when I need to get back into my Franklin bubble, I visit it. It makes me sad but also extremely warm and fuzzy inside.

Holla! 1839 Wauwatosa Avenue!

2:44 PM  

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