Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mindsets Are Overrated

Today's update is far worse than I had hoped. Looks like it's all about Favre not being willing to give 100% to the Packers -- or at least what Coach Oblio identified as 100%, which involved watching game film on a Thursday night -- and the Packers organization not giving Favre enough of a welcome home for his liking. Holy fucking shit, what a nightmare.

Funny thing is, Jason Whitlock was totally right a couple of weeks ago when he posted this open letter to the main reason why Brett Favre is no longer going to be a Packer, Ted "Twatrocket" Thompson. Read that, then read it again.

Coach said in this afternoon's press conference that Brett was "not in the proper mindset" to be a Packer this season. Brett purportedly said that too many hurtful things were said and too much damage done for him to ignore/forget. I have no fucking idea what that means. I want to know who said what to whom and when, just so I can justify in my own mind whether saying something like that is even remotely defensible. (My bet is it was Thompson, in the library, with the lead pipe.)

Maybe we'll learn more about that in the near future. In the meantime, the fact that this isn't over and happily resolved for Brett, the Packers, and -- most importantly -- the fans just has me feeling really, really sad. The prospect of Favre wearing a new (pewter?) jersey on the field with a team other than the Packers next month just hurts. I just want to shake him and yell, "YOU RETIRED!" I'm having a really tough time understanding how he can feel the way he's feeling about the reception he received by management in Green Bay this week... mostly because it means the same guy who has given me so many amazing memories turns out to be just like any other selfish superstar.

Frankly, given that Thompson is such a colossal knucklefuck, I'd almost like to see him try to stay consistent and just ignore or decline any trades that come across his desk. Put Favre in his old #4 jersey, hand him a helmet, and have him sit on the sidelines unless and until he's needed in a game. Brett, you said you wanted one of three things: 1) Let me play, 2) trade me, or 3) release me unconditionally. I say let him play. As a Packer. Done.

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