Sunday, September 26, 2004

Career Day

Packers 31 - Colts 45

Javon Walker must be having a bittersweet reaction to today's game. He caught more passes than he ever has in a game -- including three touchdowns -- which means he also had more receiving yards than ever before. It really was a career day for him. Unfortunately, he was also the one who was holding the ball when Indy forced the only turnover in the game. Unfortunately, it happened as Brett appeared to be leading us to a miraculous comeback victory; 6 minutes left, down just 7 points, and just past midfield. That play killed it, and, honestly, there was really nothing Walker could have done about it unless he'd Super Glued the football directly to his upper body. The defender basically held him up just long enough so that a) Javon's forward progress wasn't quite stopped, and b) he couldn't really get his ass (or knee, or elbow, or shoulder, etc.) down on the ground. It was so unfair.

What an amazing pair of QBs, though. The numbers on offense in this game were staggering. Between them, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning combined for a total of 751 yards and 9 touchdowns! There were five TDs and 412 yards in the first quarter alone, and Brett's QB rating in that quarter was a perfect 158.3. The first four posessions in the game tested my pacemaker. The Colts started with the ball: 36-yard touchdown pass. We get it: 36-yard touchdown pass. Them: Touchdown. Us: Touchdown. Then we "lost serve." Indy went up on us 28 - 14 and never looked back. BTW, every single play they "ran" in the first quarter... was a pass. That ought to give you an idea how good a secondary we had today.


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