Monday, October 11, 2004

Worst... Game... Ever.

Packers 27 - Titans 48

There have never been so many points scored against the Packers at Lambeau field before. Ever.

I can't think of a single aspect of our game that wasn't flawed tonight. It's like we made nothing but mistakes. Our defense didn't make the game, I don't think. Every time we had a chance to get back in the game, we blew it. We had six turnovers. Brett threw two interceptions in a row. Double D lost a fumble. Chatman muffed a punt. It was the most painful thing I've watched in a long time.

Yes, Brett did have two TD passes -- both to Bubba, in fact. That's fine, but we're now coming to the point where the number of streaks that are continuing is being eclipsed by the number that are ending. That's not fine. It's really hard to be a fan right now.

Don't get me wrong: I remain an extremely stubborn fan. I will always root for the Packers, always love them. More and more, though, the team is turning into a laughing stock. There is a lack of respect for the Packers that is suddenly pevading the NFL, the media, and now even the fans. Last week, Jeremy Shockey showed his usual lack of respect twice -- only once did his behavior draw a flag. Tonight, the Titans twisted the knife with a lateral/TD pass when they were already up by 21 points. I know, it's a game. Still, it hurt. My biggest fear is that Lambeau is dying.

I hate that there's booing there. I hate that more than half of the fans left in the fourth quarter. I hate that so many of my predictions (fears) about this season have turned out to be true, while Brett's own predictions ("Super Bowl or bust" sticks in the mind) have not. I hate that I feel shame being a fan right now. I hate that I feel partly responsible -- as though, because I had negative thoughts, they became self-fulfilling prophecies.

Next week, we need to go to Detroit and play one of the teams I worried most about looking at our schedule this year. We lost to the other one last week. <-- See? Right there. If we lose next week, it will now be my fault. Not because I wrote it here, mind you, but because I thought it a few months ago.

I have decided, BTW, that all of this is President* Bush's fault. He's an asshole. He's a dumb asshole. He has ruined this country, and -- since the Packers are "the real America's Team" -- he has ruined all of us as a result. God only knows why most of the residents of Wisconsin are so fucking conservative. Maybe this relaization will spread and help Kerry clinch the state, and our 10 electoral votes will in turn win him the election. At least that would be a silver lining.


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