Sunday, October 03, 2004

What a Knockout

Packers 7 - Giants 14

This is getting scary.

For the second week in a row, Brett Favre was unable to finish a game. This time, he got knocked out with a concussion in the third quarter.

The good news: 1) He was still able to start the game, keeping that streak going (we're at 212, including the playoffs), and 2) miraculously, he kept his other streak going, too...

...After he was knocked down, he left the game for a few plays and Doug Pederson took over. He got us down to the 28, but with a 4th down and 5. Suddenly, in comes Brett. The crowd is excited, but somewhat apprehensive, too. I think everyone was afraid he was just there to try a hard count. Imagine everyone's excitement when he stepped back in the pocket and hauled off a 28-yard TD pass to Javon Walker!!! That's 29 straight games with a TD pass.

The bad news: He didn't come back after that. We're 1-3. Ahman fumbled. Our defense sucked. The only reason the score was so close was because Steve Christie missed three field goals. And at the end of the game, Craig Nall completed a huge pass down the field, but to the center of the field! Tick, tick, tick, bye.


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