Sunday, October 24, 2004

Cromulent Avoision

See? Told ya' so.

It's been almost two weeks since my last post. It was bound to happen. Some things take precedence over maintaining an online presence:

Alexa Janel was born on Wednesday, October 13th, at 8:54pm. She's my baby girl. =)
© 2004 Andy Stoffels

Note: Her due date was today. Her mommy is of course more than happy that she arrived early!

In the meantime...

Packers 38 - Lions 10

I had almost forgotten what that felt like! Brett's Birthday celebration was allowed to occur without poor attitudes by his father and Chris. The Weis clan joined us early on Sunday so we could (as it turned out) enjoy the game together. They arrived about halfway into the first quarter. I had planned on joking when they arrived that the Lions were only up 17 - 0. That backfired, though, when Brett Favre drove the team 75 yards down the field and found Double-D in the end zone. It was 7 - 0 Pack when they got here.

The rest of the game showcased a much better Packers D than we've seen since the opener. Going into the game, our defense was ranked 31st in the NFL, and 30th against the run. Last time I checked, there were only 32 teams in the NFL. Nice, huh? In the second half of the game, we didn't let the Lions score at all. We're up to 21st overall now. At this rate, we'll be at #1 the week after the bye... =)

Oh, and here's another...

Site of the Day: Current Electoral Vote Predictor 2004

It's busy almost all the time, but it's worth the wait. This is an extremely informative, frequently-updated site. Its owner takes into account all of the latest polls done nationwide, and keeps track of who's ahead in the Electoral College. He admits he's pro-Kerry, but apart from a few Bush jokes here and there in the site's prose, it's a pretty even-handed presentation.


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