Sunday, October 24, 2004

200th Game

Packers 41 - Cowboys 20

Today marked Brett Favre's 200th career game. It was also his 195th consecutive start and his 31st consecutive game with a TD pass. Instead of tracking all of this here, though, I've discovered a page at called Favre Watch that's doing it for me!

But speaking of TD passes, I must comment on a new and somewhat exciting trend we appear to have begun. For the second (victorious) week in a row, one of our running backs has a TD pass! Today, it was Tony Fisher, and last week it was Ahman Green. Now, I have to admit that in the Monday night debacle, I was extremely offended when the Titans pulled a trick play (McNair lateraled to Drew Bennett, who then threw a 26-yard TD pass) late in the game when they already had a more-than-comfortable lead on us. As a result, as excited as I was to see Ahman's pass last week, I was also cringing inside, knowing that we were basically doing the same thing to the Lions that had so embroiled me when it happened to us a week earlier. Fisher's pass was just as exciting, and didn't cause me as much turmoil, as I wouldn't say we had the game "in the bag" at the point when it occurred.

Another trend over the past two victories: Mike Sherman has been calling all the plays in to Brett. A couple weeks back, Tom Rossley had heart surgery (perhaps his heart exploded during or shortly after the Titans game), so he hasn't been around to perform his Offensive Coordinator duties. This leaves Sherman to handle that. Chris says the Packers should just let Brett call all the plays... and I agree that's a good idea for passing plays, but I don't know if I'd trust him to handle running downs. After all, in the end, we are a running team that uses the run to set up the pass. Our most dismal failures come when we find ourselves down by two or three scores in, say, the first quarter, and we need to scrap the runs and play catch-up by throwing the ball all over the field. This tends to cause trouble. What I see Rossley doing is attempting to maintain the runs early in the game, even when we are down, and even when the run is absolutely stuffed. It's the whole "scripting the first 15 plays" thing that I really don't get on board with. Anyway, I like what Sherman's been calling. Brett has something to do with it, too, though. At one point in the game, they showed the stat that he'd had 16 receptions to 10 different receivers.

I still don't love our defense. However, I really missed Grady Jackson. He came back today for the first time since he was injured in the opener at Carolina, and he made his presence known on several plays! Our corners and safeties still get beat, though, and with any team worth their salt passing, that will continue to haunt us. For now, I'm hoping that we can pull out a victory in D.C. next week just to make .500 by the middle of the season.

Man, I never would have thought I'd be saying that by this time this season.


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