Sunday, January 09, 2005

Early Exit

Packers 17 - Vikings 31

So much for the run to the Super Bowl. So much for home field advantage. So much for us going in strong and the Vikings being lucky and "backing in." So much for the Rams being the only 8-8 team ever to win a Playoff game. So much for Brett Favre playing at his best in the Playoffs.

That's all out the window.

Our record this year at Lambeau is what hurts the most. We were 4-5, in the end. Worse yet, these last two home games were especially bad for Brett; 3 INTs and a QB rating of 80.4 against the Jags and 4 INTs and a rating of 55.4 today.

I really hope -- for the sake of all us fans -- that Brett isn't planning to retire after this season. Not like this. I still maintain that he has one or two years left in him, but of course I don't know what he thinks about that. After games like this, I never know if it's his fault or if his teammates just make him look bad. Unfortunately, I think it's a little of both. What we need to work on this off-season, though is his teammates. We need a leader on defense. Don't know if that'll be a coach or a player. Ideally, we need both. Slowik is kind of like Donatell-Lite. He looked like a genius after the opener against Carolina, but our "D" didn't make him look too good again until these last two games. I hate to say losing McKenzie mattered in the end... but it did. We're too inexperienced without him.

Let's talk about class, though. Brett has class and skill. Yes, he can be a "country bumpkin," but he's just damn loveable. He has fun when he plays. Randy Moss, on the other hand, is a classless punk who hurts the game. I don't see how Vikings fans can stand to root for him. If a player like that was on the roster in Green Bay, we wouldn't stand for it. Last week, Moss walked off the field before the end of the game -- he gave up on his team. He got dressed down for it this week in the media, and even by some of his coaches and teammates. I saw him interviewed twice this week -- on ESPN by Andrea Kramer and on FOX by Jimmy Johnson -- and in both, he sounded like a selfish, immature asshole. He doesn't even bother to hide it. After his second TD tonight, he pretended to moon the fans in the South end zone. (This led to perhaps the most ironic statement ever uttered on FOX television, when Joe Buck said, "I think it's unfortunate that we had that on our air....")

So now begins my months-long depression -- about a month earlier than I was hoping. Some readers of this blog will be relieved to see the weekly Packers posts take a hiatus. Don't worry, though, the rest of you, I'm sure I'll have plenty of Packers news to discuss here as I await the Preseason in August.

My Predictions:
[Keep in mind that I was 1-3 in predictions for this weekend's games, as I thought all four home teams would win.]

Hey, at least now I don't have to feel bad about rooting for Pittsburgh. Too bad the Super Bowl is in Jacksonville instead of Pennsylvania this year. Practically the whole state will need to relocate.


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