Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I get made fun of for... well, let's face it, for a lot of things... but one particular source of criticism that has followed me since high school is the fact that I carry (and use) a handkerchief. People think it's "unsanitary" or "gross" or "the sign of the devil." I've never been swayed by those opinions, though. My dad has used a handkerchief his whole life. I just started adopting his behavior at some point... a lot like how I used to wear a cardigan sweater and slippers around the house in the winter after I got home from school or on weekends. Other people look on these behaviors as strange, but of course they never were to me; it's how I was raised.

Anyway, this article proves that, like "old people and some office ladies" in Shanghai, Dad and I have really just been forward-thinking and ahead of the curve this whole time. (You'll just have to do your best to get past the part of the article in which a guy named Wang <snicker> says, "I am beginning to worry about the large wood consumption." <snort>)


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