Sunday, August 14, 2005

Stuff I Haven't Had Time to Blog

  • Lisa/Nate and Rogue rock.
  • "Rescue Me" on Fx is a pretty damned good show. The cast shares a lot of the talent from Leary's much-missed ABC vehicle "The Job."
  • Summer is my favorite season. If I didn't live here and have the benefit of three other seasons with which to compare it, I doubt I'd feel that way.
  • A classmate of the younger sister of a former 8th grade student of mine is pregnant. Okay, yes, this makes me feel old, but that's not why it depresses me.
  • Ads SUCK. I could probably create a separate blog just to detail all of the television and radio advertisements that make me want to shoot someone in the face. (Luckily, I obviously don't have that kind of time.)
  • Folding those last two together, the roommate of a college girlfriend of mine is the new face of American. Her name is Angela Manella, if you're interested. In college, she drank about six Diet Cokes a day. Her pep in those ads leads me to believe that hasn't changed.
  • There's no such word as "nother" as in "whole nother." Even if you mean it as "'nother" -- the colloquial-contracted form of "another" -- it makes absolutely no sense to say "whole another," so knock it the fuck off.
  • In order to get my son used to the idea that drinking milk is a good idea, I've hooked him on flavored milk... but not the flavor you might expect. When I was a kid, chocolate milk was the way to go. Now, don't get me wrong. My sister and I drank plenty of white milk without complaining, but a bit of chocolate every once in a while certainly didn't hurt. I don't remember when I discovered strawberry-flavored milk, but it certainly left an impression. A couple of years ago, I bought Brett some strawberry Nesquik, and the rest is history. Lately, we've been doing our best to wean him off of strawberry milk after 5:00, and it's been a tough sell. I've created a monster. However, I draw the line somewhere. This is simply going too far.


Blogger Lisa said...

Are 6 Diet Cokes a day a lot? I usually imbibe about that number, to chase down the 1 1/2 pots of coffee I have in the AM. Did I mention I blink about once a week?

3:47 PM  

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