Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Never mind $1.799. 24 hours ago, a gallon of gas at the Mobil on Odana and Whitney Way cost $2.669. On my way home, it had jumped up to $2.859. On my way in this morning, it was up again to $2.999. At this rate, by Monday, it'll be nearly $5 a gallon!

This is mostly due to Hurricane Katrina, but I like to think it's more our idiot president's fault. Our idiot president who cut his vacation short because of this tragedy. This tragedy has him cutting his vacation short. Nice. Asshole.

Oh, and speaking of assholes, some Utah-livin'-in anti-genius had this to say when a dead dog stuck in a sewer pipe caused an unpleasant backup: "We're like the hurricane victims."

Yeah. You really are.


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