Sunday, November 27, 2005

I Hate Minnesota

Packers 17 - Vikings 20

Not just the football team, either. I hate the state. It's close to jumping Indiana on my list. They are the worst drivers on the road. Worse than Florida. And I do most of my driving in Wisconsin, where people also can't drive. Why these two states' proximity to Canada (where driving is actually a joy) doesn't have more of a positive influence on their drivers, I can't say.

Yeah, so this blog entry is late. Thanksgiving. Sure. Yeah, really busy with the whole holiday thing. Nary a free moment.


It's the same story as last time. We can't play two halves. Brett doesn't have enough weapons. We lost by a field goal. Only thing is, this year I don't see us meeting the Vikes again in the playoffs. If we do, of course, we'll beat them just like they beat us in that situation last year.

Then we'll go on to beat the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game and hold the undefeated Colts scoreless in our Super Bowl XL victory.



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