Monday, June 26, 2006

Angry Much?

My parents live half-time in Asheville, NC. (They also live half-time in Michigan, and when they aren't 'living' somewhere, they're off traveling the globe - they're in England again now, which means I'm jealous.) Asheville is in a gorgeous part of the country, and the city itself is lovely. It has lots of art and great restaurants; plus, the Biltmore's there, so you know it's going to keep the riff-raff at arms' length.

Then again... take a look at what happened last night in the world of Class A baseball. It wasn't actually in Asheville, but Manager Joe Mikulik certainly represents his team and therefore the city of Asheville. It'll be interesting to see how he's welcomed back by the masses there. In my mind, I'm imagining him grimacing as he rides back into town and all the residents are just standing at the side of the road, slack-jawed and confused. A child with dried chocoloate ice cream on his chin and shirt stands holding a balloon and looks up at his father to ask what's going on, and the father just gives a stern look, puts a finger to his lips, and slowly shakes his head as if to say, No, Wendal, we shan't speak of this ever....

I didn't get much sleep this weekend, so this image is probably much funnier to me right now than it is to you. Until I can post the eventual, inevitable link to the video of the tantrum on YouTube, it'll have to do.

UPDATE: Cripes, that didn't take long!


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