Saturday, September 02, 2006

Four-Fer: Packers Preseason

Packers 3 - Chargers 17

Same preseason opener as last year, except we lost this one. Luckily, it wasn't at home. I was in Michigan, stealing broadband internet from the neighbors and using a free account from's NFL Field Pass to listen to the game on my work laptop. I took several extended breaks to go walk out on to the dock and watch the Perseids.

Packers 38 - Falcons 10

That was more like it. Home game, big plays, big win. I was in Michigan for this one, too, still stealing broadband and exploiting the Real people via a brand new free account (same name, address, and credit card, but a different email address - what geniuses they are over there in New Dheli or wherever). Much more hooting and hollering this time, and much less getting up and walking away from the computer in disgust. Felt pretty good.

Packers 17 - Bengals 48

Yeah, didn't feel quite so good. This one, I got to watch... unfortunately along with everyone else in America... on ESPN with the new crew, 'featuring' Tony Kornholer. All three of the guys were fat ladies singing over the end of Favre's career as evidenced by his performance in this game. Shut up, you douchebags.

Packers 21 - Titans 35

We finished the preseason with the same team this year, too. Bookends to a lackluster intro, but punctuated here with a brilliant two-play Favre series: 89 yards to 'The Jennerator' (from? Western Michigan - go Broncs!) followed by a 3-yard handoff to a guy named Green. Brett bowed out after that and the third- and fourth-stringers embarrassed themselves for the remainder of the game.

Actually, I'd forgotten the score ended up being that close. I had begun the game in a training room on the west side of Madison that perplexingly had absolutely no television reception, despite the fact that I could see both channel 27's and channel 15's antennae out the window of said training room. My 13-inch antenna-less color TV was almost completely bereft of a signal. I considered stealing Epic's bandwidth and signing up for yet another free week-long trial of NFL Field Pass with another fake email address, but then a fellow Training TL saw me in the hall and said two words that re-centered me: Old Chicago. I packed up and we hit the bar, where the reception was crisp for the second half debacle, but the Octoberfest was flowing. Talk turned from the doomed fate of this year's Pack to 'raise day,' and my doldrums quickly faded once a phone call was made, the online bank account was checked, and the news was shared that I was now making a veritable shitload more than I had been making just a day earlier.

Those kinds of surprises are always welcome. Given our schedule this season, I'd say the Packers might have a couple of surprises up their sleeves, too. Tonight, on the eve of the 2006 NFL season, and I'm counting on it. I will at least guarantee that we'll string together a better season than 4-12. Here's hoping we kick things off right with another ritual trouncing of the Bears on Sunday.



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