Friday, June 30, 2006

Yes, Ohio, Assholes CAN Fly

Incidentally, I'm currently posting via the slow-as-molasses-but-free internet access provided to me as a passenger flying out of Port Columbus International Airport. As I was writing that last post, I watched out the window as Air Force One lumbered along down the tarmac carrying President Fuckwad to a locally-hosted fundraiser here tonight. The city's been all atwitter about the visit all day. Me, less so, since I knew he was scheduled to land at just about the exact same time as I was supposed to be leaving. My 5:04 flight is now slated to leave at 5:54. Thanks again, idiot.

As it landed and taxied over here near the end of the B concourse, people clogged my sight line and took pictures and video. From what I could see, though, I was really quite surprised by the sheer size of the plane. Wow.


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