Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Sunday!

Colts vs. Bears? Yah, I'll be watching this one for the commercials. Last year, it was easy to root for the Steelers; they were the underdogs playing against Matt Hasselbeck and the team Mike Holmgren left Green Bay to coach. This year, we can celebrate Black History Month watching two black head coaches lead their teams in the ultimate game of the season. I'm not rooting for the Bears, despite their being the underdogs in this game -- and I think the intermittent rain in Miami all day today actually gives them a bit of an advantage. I would prefer a Colts win, but I really don't love Peyton Manning like I've been told I'm supposed to. Okay, he studies the game. We get it. Congrats. But he is a whiner and a pouter. I'm so sick of his body language after a failed play. It's like he non-verbally places blame on anyone but himself. I do have a lot of respect for Marvin Harrison, though, so that will probably help a little today.

Know who has class as a quarterback? Here's a hint:

Since his announcement on Friday morning, Favre has been both lauded and derided in the sports media. There are actually a few idiots claiming he is doing this for a) the money or b) the records. That's absolute bullshit, and anyone who actually expresses that opinion knows nothing about football. I'll tell you what they do know (and why they're really whining): Brett Favre is not a good fantasy football pick. His numbers are all over the map. Yes, he'll continue getting the money, and yes, he'll continue getting the records... both the good and the bad. He'll have more interceptions than any other QB pretty quickly next season, for instance. I've said it before, and I'm afraid I'll be saying it a lot more: Fantasy football is ruining the NFL. This is just one more reason.

I'm already looking forward to next Super Sunday. The chances that Brett and the Pack will be there in Arizona are much greater than the chances that they'll make it to this year's Super Bowl.

My prediction for today's game: Colts by 4, 21-17, with no offensive TDs by the Bears.
My fantasy: Colts 3, Chicago 0 in double-overtime.

(See? Fantasy football ruins everything.)

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