Saturday, August 11, 2007

Second String Victory


Packers 13 - Steelers 9

Cullen Jenkins had two big plays -- put me in mind of his performance in a certain game I attended last year, in fact -- and Aaron Rodgers played one of the best games I've seen him play. Oh, and Crosby smacked a 52-yarder through the goal posts, which I suppose qualifies as somewhat exciting -- although only as much as a kick in a worthless game can be.

In short, from this first preseason game, 1) the D-line looks good, and 2) we have Brett Favre (although, at 2-of-7 for 7 yards in four three-and-outs, he was a non-issue in this game). The O-line seemed strong tonight, but it was a tough read, so I'm not yet willing to commit on that impression. The secondary, though, still seems to think it's okay to let things happen all around them 20+ yards down the field. If Oblio doesn't address that somehow right now, that's what's going to give me fits. Special Teams can always stand to improve, too. Any time, Coach. Any time.

29 days left!

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