Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Okay, well, it turns out FOX has their own "special message" posted on the AD website about this. They say that, even though they stopped filming the second season shy a few shows, the show has not been cancelled.*

Still, given their history, it wouldn't hurt to remind FOX not to fuck this up.

*I had always been anal (in that English-teachery way) about canceled and canceling vs. cancelled and cancelling until I learnt that the original words were British (you know, English-English) and had the double-el, and we just chopped off one of 'em when we Americanized the words. Gor, blimey.

This Cannot Happen

This article from yesterday still has me reeling. Could FOX seriously be considering pulling "Arrested Development"?!? I mean sure, FOX has fucked with excellent shows before (hello?), but shouldn't that be exactly why we should expect them not to do it again? Come on, people! Protest with me!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I get made fun of for... well, let's face it, for a lot of things... but one particular source of criticism that has followed me since high school is the fact that I carry (and use) a handkerchief. People think it's "unsanitary" or "gross" or "the sign of the devil." I've never been swayed by those opinions, though. My dad has used a handkerchief his whole life. I just started adopting his behavior at some point... a lot like how I used to wear a cardigan sweater and slippers around the house in the winter after I got home from school or on weekends. Other people look on these behaviors as strange, but of course they never were to me; it's how I was raised.

Anyway, this article proves that, like "old people and some office ladies" in Shanghai, Dad and I have really just been forward-thinking and ahead of the curve this whole time. (You'll just have to do your best to get past the part of the article in which a guy named Wang <snicker> says, "I am beginning to worry about the large wood consumption." <snort>)

The Real O.C.

Confirmed last week: Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick will star in the revival of The Odd Couple on Broadway starting in October.

In related news, it was also announced that Jon Lovitz will be playing the part of Leo's boss, Mr. Marks, in The Producers: The Movie Musical. Remember Rat Race: Lovitz + Nazis = Hilarity!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Word of the Week:


It wasn't bad enough that ugliest models ever, "one of you, I'm gonna' break in half" Freddy and "they just keep breeding" Kendra, beat out the far-more-deserving Kris and Jon to win "The Amazing Race 6" on Tuesday. No, then CBS had to fuck with me by (finally!) announcing the casting call for TAR8... only to reveal that the season will apparently be the first in which the race will consist of "family" teams of four rather than the now-traditional, tried-and-true teams of two to which we've all become so accustomed.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Starting a Trend

The other day at lunch, I had a side of coleslaw with peas and grape halves. I didn't realize until I got back into the training room to eat it that I had mistakenly grabbed a knife instead of a fork when I went through the line. I don't think I thought about getting up off my ass and walking back to the Commons to grab a fork -- not for more than a second, anyway. Instead, I pushed forward, with resolve, determined to try eating the coleslaw anyway because what did go through my mind was how I was a trailblazer. I was hoping some of the trainees would look over and see me deftly sliding my plastic knife under the pile of green, orange, and purple, raising a bite to my mouth, and smacking my lips satisfyingly at its successful insertion, mastication, and eventual digestion. In my mind, I was Mr. Pitt, eating his candy bar with a knife and fork.

History Lesson: Groundhog Day

Here in America, we celebrate a strange little holiday known as "Groundhog Day" (often mangled as "Groundhog's Day") every February 2nd. On Groundhog Day, our President (who, as you'll remember from an earlier History Lesson, is selected by dozens of red- and blue-painted howler monkeys who are locked in a room together for five days) stands in front of a bunch of his ugliest friends and they all look to see if he has a shadow. If he does, we are reminded that we're in for four more years of crappy leadership, to be followed by decades of digging ourselves out of the hole he's put us in. Hence the groundhog reference.

In conclusion, America likes putting its important decisions in the hands of furry creatures.