Saturday, October 06, 2007


Packers 23 - Vikings 16

This may have been the first time I watched a game with the entire Weis clan since that great Monday night game against the Raiders near the magical end of the 2003 season. That was at our house. This one was at theirs -- in HD, baby.

What a way to watch Brett Favre set the record. #421 went to The Jennerator, who also caught #420. Late in the game, he threw another one to James Jones (his first in the NFL, and Brett's 43rd different TD receiver). The last six minutes of the game after that TD were still a little nerve-wracking. In four minutes, the Vikings, who are known more for not scoring touchdowns lately, pulled back up to within 7. For the second week in a row, though, Donald Driver caught the onside kick to preserve the lead. BUT WAIT! Two plays later, Ryan Grant missed the exchange on a running play and the Vikings recovered! After almost giving them another shot at the end zone, though, Atari Bigby -- whom I really enjoy watching -- picked off a deflected ball on the Packers' 24 to seal the win.

I've had my eye on Bigby since the preseason. Earlier in this game, he forced a fumble that Johnny Jolly picked up. That was the turnover that set Brett up for the 16-yard strike to Jennings. He actually left the game for a while after that with cramps (is that excusable in a dome?!), but came back with a vengeance to make sure the Pack left mini-noplace with a W.

Undefeated. =)

Way to go, Brett!

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