Wednesday, August 06, 2008

O! - M! - F! - G! Jets, Jets, Jets!

Holy fucking shit. Brett Favre has been (or will be) traded to the New York Jets.

The Jets are an AFC team, which means I can follow them (or perhaps even wear a new jersey*) without feeling like a complete traitor. Look: I won't apologize for wanting to continue to pay attention to Favre and what he can accomplish on the field. As I've said before, that man has provided me with so many memories, it stands to reason that I would want to keep watching for more.

The other reason I'm using to justify that is the fact that the next time the Jets are scheduled to play play at Lambeau** is in 2014. I don't think Brett will still be playing then... but if he is, then upon his return to the Frozen Tundra he'll be starting*** like his 383rd consecutive game.

P.S. My prediction for the Post's headline tomorrow: "Broadway Brett!"

*HA! New jersey! Get it?!
**They will play at The Meadowlands in 2010.
***Even if Brett barely knows half of the plays in the Jets' repertoire by the time Week 1 kicks off, they'd damn well better plan on at least letting him start!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He'll be fine, we'll (Packers) will be fine. Don't agree with your take on Ted, but can't fault you for feeling that way. Sadly, we have to sit back and wait now. Time will tell, what if the Pack is 4-2 out of the gates? What if they're 2-4. Again, decisions have been made. I'm a Packer fan first, and a Favre fan an extremely close second.


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