Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pre-Post-Game Analysis

Packers LOST - Jets WON

It's unprecedented for me to do my write-up before the final gun, much less before the end of the first half, but it's also unprecedented for me to feel disgusted enough to want to spend so much of the first half of a Packers game regurgitating in an alley somewhere, disavowing all knowledge of Coach Oblio and his team.

Inside two minutes left, it's 24-0 Jets, and they're marching again.

Do I have to be at every home game? I'll remind my readers that our last two home victories came when I was in the stands at Lambeau field. Twice this year, we've been shut out at home, and now it appears to be happening again.

Given the weather up at Lambeau -- it's snowing -- I now have a theory. Last week, in the first half in the great northwest, the field was blanketed in white. White was the same color as the visiting Packers' jerseys. Matt Hasselbeck threw tons of passes to our guys. Camouflage. Second half, as things melted, so did the Packers.

This week, the Packers at home are in the green-and-golds, and the visiting Jets are in the whites.

I'm just throwing that out there.

Come on Mr. Sunshine, let's get out there and melt that snow. Then our D can...

Shit. 31-0.

Something's just come up. (All over my jersey.) Gotta' go now.

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