Saturday, November 11, 2006

Jinxy McSpoilsalot

Packers 10 - Bills 24

Okay, posting optimistic predictions an hour before the game didn't so much work out. Not sure what to do here. Do I post further from the game, post guarantees of failure, or some combination of the two?

In one of the more frustrating games of the season, we actually did well. Looking at the numbers (over 400 yards of offense), you might have a hard time understanding how the Packers could have possibly lost the game. Honestly, I expected the exact opposite of what transpired on the field -- given how our defense has played, I expected it would be us taking the ball away for a defensive TD. We could still stand to improve in that area.

I'm angry that the big play has come pack to bite us. Without Al Harris letting Lee Evans burn him in zone coverage (with no safety help) for a 43-yard score, the game would have ended much differently. My television would not have a hole in it, for example.

Interestingly, when I was at Lambeau for the Cardinals game (have I mentioned that?), I was ready to strangle Corey Williams when he committed his second costly offsides penalty. In the Bills game, he chalked up a personal-best three sacks. Kampman had one, too, so he's still up there in the league with 9-1/2.

Can't recall how much detail I included about the last game -- as it happens, I was in the stands at Lambeau for that game. In fact, the last time I had been in attendance at a Packers game, it was in January, when we beat the Seahawks. That was the last time they had won at home. Remember when they would win at home? Remember when they would come back in the fourth quarter and win games? Remember when they would stop teams from gaining 25, 30, and more yards in a play?

I remember, and I'm still a fan. If you're jumping off the bandwagon, please quit reading this and go make your lame-ass fantasy football picks. Just know that you're what's wrong with the NFL. Sleep well.



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