Sunday, October 22, 2006

One and Four... Again

Packers 20 - Rams 23

I don't love the recurring theme here... but I'm convinced this season will turn out more like the 2004 season that the 2005 season. I think we're up for a string of convincing victories in the next phase of the season. Later today, it's the Dolphins. Next week, it's the Cards (in a game which, much to my pleasant surprise, I shall be attending with good friend and commiserater Bob). We're shallow on wide receivers after half the team got busted for something or injured themselves roughhousing on the off-week, so it'll be a slap-dash team, but you know who's leading them? Guy named Favre. Heard he's pretty neat. Favre vs. Ditka in a death match, I take Favre, 102-6. Somehow, I predict he'll get the ball into the hands of 26 different receivers. Here's hoping they'll all be Packers.

Kudos to step-up-to-the-plateable Herron for his performance a fortnight ago. Senator, he's no Samkon Gado, but he'll do in a pinch, I guess. How we could miss not one but two INTs in the St. Louis game, I'll never know. I'll chalk it up to the fact that Bob & Jeff were not there in the crowd urging the D on to their glory. In the upcoming game, I'm afraid our O-line will need to do as much as they did last time and make sure another running back or three have 100-yard outings for us to be able to put those bench-clearing-brawl-happy Miami footbal players in their places. I predict a quick game. After a 27-13 Packers victory, FOX'll be switching over to coverage of the Bears' bye week at about 2:30 Central time.



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