Sunday, October 08, 2006


Packers 9 - Eagles 31

No, I didn't forget there was a game Monday night. I wanted to....

We played well for the first two-and-a-half quarters, but then the wheels fell off. We still haven't shown much of an ability to finish drives. Even in the last drive, right at the goal line, Gado-wanna'-be Vernand Morency couldn't punch it in with four tries. No corners and no TDs make Jack a dull boy. And hey, Oblio, where did the passing game go?!! Jee-zus.

Speaking of "no corners," as buddy 'Bob' put it in an email, "The cancer has been removed." Ahmad Carroll was finally cut. Good riddance! He's been burned more than R.J. Reynolds recently. Of course, so was T-Buck (who used to get burned toast mailed to him by fans), and -- like many former Packers -- he has gone on to bigger and better things with other teams since he left Green Bay. Watch: Carroll will be a standout corner for the Texans, who are a lock for the Super Bowl next season.

On to better things here, too. We have the Rams today. We're totally defeated at Lambeau this season, so it's time for that to change. My prediction: If we can get more turnovers from them than they get from us, we'll trounce them. If Brett gets behind and starts throwing up the desparation passes, and our receivers turn them into picks, then all bets are off. I like it way better when he's throwing the long ball in the beginning of the game (or -- gasp! -- when we're leading) because he sees an off-coverage.

If this team is going to cut emotional leader William Henderson because he's been ineffective, then why is Fergie still playing? We should continue the trend we've started and trade about 30% more of our players with the Texans. And, while we're at it, can we maybe get Sherman back?



Anonymous sarah said...

Although I don't have quite the expansive knowledge you have of the Packers, it is great to read the post of one who also faithfully stands by a team, even when things are pitiful. After repeatedly having my hopes raised (first half) and then crushed (second half), I too look for ways to solve our problem. Speaking of "cuts" - you can call me a "naysayer" - I believe Favre should have gone ahead and let last season be his last season. Then this year could have been a true rebuilding year - isn't that what everyone calls it to make us feel better anyway;)? Thanks for your adamant support of a recovering legend!

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