Saturday, September 03, 2005


Packers 21 - Titans 17

A win is... um, hard to come by. Yes, it was a win, but our starters didn't do too well. Two minutes into the game we were already down by a TD and working on a drive that would yield us a grand total of -5 yards.

One highlight: In a move reminiscent of his efforts in last year's Giants game, Brett came off the bench, injured, and threw a touchdown pass to Javon Walker!

Otherwise, just pretty crappy until the second half (in half #1, we gained 4 first downs to Tennessee's 12), when our scrappers came in and pulled off three interceptions against a bunch of truckers.

Meanwhile, I was busy coming in second place again down in the Monroe Poker Tour. I think that's the third time in a row. I'm not complaining; I keep getting my money back.

The NFL season kicks off this Thursday night, but for Packers fans it really starts a week from tomorrow. I'm hoping for some miracle games this year. Otherwise, what the prophets say just might come true.



Blogger Susan said...

I was just looking around Blogger for people who like "The Amazing Race".

I'm only commenting here because I laughed out loud when I saw that you named your son Brett.

You are definitely a Packers fan.

- Susan in Seattle

P.S. I hope you've seen "There's Something about Mary".

6:55 PM  

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