Monday, September 19, 2005

To the Browns?!?

Packers 24 - Browns 26

I just have a rhetorical question to lead this one off: Exactly what type of defensive sheme are you running if a single missed tackle results in a huge touchdown run? Happened twice in yesterday's game. Twice.

Reggie was crying.

I don't fault the fans at all, BTW. They were doing everything right. We're just suddenly back to not being a very good team, that's all. Remember when Ray Rhodes was coaching? Yeah, even then we went 8-8. With this kind of play, we'll be lucky to win that many. Cripes, the Bucs are undefeated. We're... totally defeated.

Hey, at least both Minnesota and Randy Moss are 0-2, too. ...Like that really helps.

The good news is that Brett became only the third QB in NFL history to surpass the 50,000 yard passing mark on Sunday. And immediately afterwards, he ran for 20 yards. That was cool, at least.



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