Sunday, November 13, 2005

Gado: Mighty!

Packers 33 - Falcons 25

Told ya' so. Sammy G. celebrated his 23rd (!) Birthday in style late this afternoon, with over 100 rushing yards and three TDs. In other shocking news, this Packers game was actually enjoyable to watch! For once, the team we were playing was making all of the dumb mistakes.

This is Gado's second week in a row with the game ball. It's the third game he's played. That's a pretty nice average. I think we have a potential replacement for Ahman for next year.

My pick for Player of the Game, though, is Nick Barnett, who had seven tackles and, along with Gado, one of the best attitudes on the field today.

We fired well on all cylinders. At one point, someone on the Falcons' sideline decided to heckle Favre and they ended up pissing him off. I haven't heard the backstory on that yet, but it's rarely a good idea to fire Brett up like that when he's on the field. Of course, it wouldn't have been a Packers game without the cardiac factor in the fourth quarter: We went into prevent and did allow the Falcons to pull within 8. Luckily, we were efficient with the clock and they were mistake-prone enough to fail to follow through on any threat they posed.

To digress a bit, the NFL sure does have some big babies. Terrell Owens is a prime example, but it turns out Michael Vick is perhaps just as full of himself. T.O. is far and away the stupider of the two, and in what must be an effort to surround himself with people who make him not appear that way, Drew Rosenhaus continues to have a job. I can't say I'd (or perhaps "I'll," depending on how this all pans out) miss his presence in football, but the game could only honestly be improved if Rosenpenis were killed in nasty ways. He's just a used car salesman prick. But Vick has only himself to blame for his whiny, piss-and-moan attitude. He had some bad press in Atlanta, had a great game last week, came out and got all "So there!" in a press conference after that, and then had a lackluster performance today. He actually looked pretty bad. (Note: I'm not complaining here.)

Both players are pretty amazing in their own ways. I will never admit that I like T.O., mind you -- no Packers fan worth his salt would -- but he has done some amazing things. Similarly, after the first cold-weather Lambeau loss handed to us by Vick and the Falcons in the 2002 Playoffs, I won't say I like Vick either, but again, his highlight reel in the NFL is longer than most. The long and short of it is that there's talent there, but there's way too much lip to go along with it. Guys? Shut up and play.



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