Saturday, November 05, 2005

Musical Matrix

No, they're not making a musical about The Matrix -- not yet, anyway. I'm talking about this, the music-map. Careful: You might waste a good hour there if you follow that link. Not only is it interesting, it's practical. Like Jack Johnson (you should, BTW)? If you type his name in, you'll see a graphical representation of who else you might enjoy listening to. Give the matrix a minute to calibrate itself. Then, the closer one artist is to another, the more alike their musical styles are.

Of course, I haven't taken any time to research exactly how that relative similarity is determined. Personally, I think I'll defer to Ang, since she's definitely more adept at this than even I am; if she thinks it's on the up-and-up, then buy your stock in MSCMP today.

See also: gnod. Looks like the gnoosic portion probably helps feed the music-map matrix. I'm not as impressed by the gnovies matrix, but that's probably because there isn't nearly as much information in that database yet as there is in gnoosic. And gnooks is okay, but I think I'd be more interested to see that data organized by individual book instead of by author. In my mind, however, organizing gnoosic by artist seems to make more sense than it would if it were organized by song.

And there's another hour gone.


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