Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yes, I'm Still a Fan

Packers 14 - Bengals 21

We lost again. We're 1-6. They double-teamed Driver in the second half. The second half.... This is our problem now. We used to be the team that turned it on in the second half. We might not have played too well at the start of the game, but we learned quickly about the other team's plans and their weaknesses and we'd make adjustments and we'd pull out wins.

Now Brett has too much on his shoulders again, and without the quality players playing consistently around him, it just leads to mistakes. The Bengals came in to the game with the most takeaways of any team in the NFL, but by the end of the first half, Brett had only one interception. Not great, but not bad.

Second half: Four more. Four.

Thing is, our defense, which everyone assumed would be nonexistent this year, is playing great. I hate to think our offense is the weak point, but the numbers are there for your perusal.

I just can't imagine Brett wanting this to be the way he goes out. He's coming back.

Well, that is, if Gimli doesn't end up quitting after a cellphone rings in the stands. Then all bets are off.



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