Sunday, November 06, 2005

Playing Gado

Packers 10 - Steelers 20

"Favre completes it to... some guy in a Packers jersey!" "Green Bay running back... uh, number 35*, gains a few on that play."

Let's just prepare ourselves: In a couple of years, we'll still be saying stuff like this... except it'll be someone besides "Favre" starting off that first sentence.

I feel the need to further clarify my position regarding Favre. (Don't you love how that makes it sound like people actually read this blog?) ASSUMING Mike Sherman remains the head coach for the Packers next year (or -- in a completely implausible twist -- Mike Holmgren comes back), I think Brett will play another year. He won't stay to work under a new coach.

Is this partially due to wishful thinking from a fan who is already predisposed to melancholy? Yes, partially. However, let's be honest. At this point, what games can we win? The "maybes": Minnesota at the Tundra on Monday night? One of the two Chicago games? The Seasquawks in the final home game of the season (I'll be at that one, so I certainly hope so)?

Looking ahead, we're already guaranteed an easy schedule in 2006. We get the NFC West ("featuring" San Fran and the Cardinals), the AFC East ("featuring" the Jets, Miami, and the Pats, who should be on a continuing downward spiral), and one team each -- at this point probably the worst -- from the NFC South and East (so something like New Orleans and Washington). That right there ought to be a cakewalk.

So for the remainder of this year we play for the draft, we throw some money at linemen, backs, corners, and receivers, and we give Brett an Elway-like bow out of the NFL, with his head held high.

Obviously, that has been the plan all year. Am I really the only one who saw through this?

*That would be Nigerian rookie RB Samkon Gado, whose complete Packers history is comprised of one rush for 8 yards last week, and 26 for 62 and a touchdown, plus a 9-yard catch today.



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