Thursday, November 03, 2005

Record Time!

I'll bet you thought this would be about Brett Favre passing John Elway in last week's loss for sole possession of second place in career passing yards.

Well, it is now, but that's not all.

It's now November 3rd, and we still haven't turned on our heat. At all. Not even for a minute since last spring. High temperatures are in the 60s. I've never been able to wait this long -- as a homeowner -- to kick the furnace on. Yes, the little victories matter now.

Also, this year marks the earliest spotting of a Christmas-related ad, my previous record being October 15th. This year, I saw a commercial that sported nearly all of the devices required to classify a commercial as Christmas-related -- decorated wreath and/or evergreen of some kind, smiling woman wearing scarf and knit hat in snow, jingle bells evident in soundtrack, imagery of little drummer boy or boy with mouth in Charlie Brown Christmas Special-esque "Ooo" shape -- on October 2nd. For the record, that gave America 84 shopping days to get... whatever the hell it was that they were advertising. Obviously, the ad was not nearly as effective as it was horrifying.



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