Tuesday, November 15, 2005


When I was growing up, my family always had breakfast together. It was the whole Norman Rockwell package. Dad would be on his way to work in his suit. Mom would have set the table with all the fixins for whatever the meal-of-the-day was – oatmeal, assorted non-sugary cereals, waffles. Katy and I would answer questions about what was going on at school or review for our Biology test on the bones of the human body.

When I got married, I promised my wife our family would always sit down for breakfast together every day. It was a tradition, but it was also a great time to bond.

For whatever reason, I’ve been pushing that off for the last several years. “When the kids are older and in school,” I’ve said. Well, one’s in preschool now, so I should probably look into firing up the old tradition sometime soon or it’ll never happen.

I could come up with more excuses, of course – timing’s a good one. I’m usually out the door either just as my oldest is waking up or before anyone has even stirred. So a breakfast together means either I go in later (rarely a viable option, and certainly not on days I train) or that we wake the rest of the family early. My reluctance to bring up Option B is probably the only remaining roadblock.

But this was sparked by something I just saw that made me figuratively burp up a little bit of puke: Liquid Cereal. Basically – you know the milk slurry that’s left when you “finish” your cereal? Yeah, they’ve canned that.

I would certainly rather explore Option B than that.


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So are you coming to Thanksgiving or not?

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