Monday, September 18, 2006

A 'Better' Loss

Packers 27 - Saints 34

Well, it was certainly more fun to watch this week's game than it was to endure last week's. The first quarter was exciting. Kampman rocked the house with three sacks. Favre and Driver had some good connections -- Driver (in his 100th game) had one run-after-catch that may have been his best ever for a gain of 48 yards. Jennings got us our first TD of the season, and Brett spread the ball around a lot -- Fergie and Herron had TDs, too -- and threw himself another 300-plus-yard game.

But, yeah, we lost. So there's that.

Meanwhile, Ryan Longwell (now a Viqueen) passed for a TD to tie Minnesota's game against the Panthers, and then kicked the winning field goal for them in OT. Yeah, you just can't avoid the feeling that it's going to happen to us. I just really hope that, if it does, he gets it out of his system in our first meeting instead of in the prime time match on the NFL Network -- in the Packers' last home game of the season -- in December.

But enough negative thinking. I got enough doomsday talk about Favre in the pre-game shows. He's still just really enjoyable to watch. If we had a better team this year....



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