Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall Shows

As I write this, the best new show on television is airing on NBC: "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." I had the unique opportunity to receive a DVD containing all of NBC's new comedies and dramas (well, nearly all of them - it was still early and editing hadn't been completed on all of the new shows). "Studio 60" is the next great offering by Aaron Sorkin. As it happens, he happens to have collaborated on this one with his "West Wing" co-creator Tommy Schlamme. I've been a fan since before he decided to get all obvious with his political leanings (not that that changed anything with regard to my hero worship, mind you). A Few Good Men? Yeah, hello. "Sports Night"? Bingo again, my friends. Anyway, if you were too closed-minded and rightist to even give it a shot tonight, go screw yourself and then wise up and catch a rerun, dittohead.

"Studio 60" was on the 'Dramas' disc. On the 'Comedies' disc was the new John "3rd Rock was a Fluke" Lithgow/Jeffrey "I Sure as Hell Wish 'Arrested Development' was Still on the Air" Tambor vehicle "20 Good Years," which is crap, and some just wrong show called "The Singles Table" starring the guy who played either Harold or Kumar in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle... which is C... R... A... P. Wow. Anyway, "Studio 60" belongs on the 'Comedies' disc and the 'Brilliant Shows that at Least Have an Outside Chance of Winning Emmys because They're Not on FOX' disc.

Warning: The writing is not for the same audience as the Nightly News with Katie Fucking Courick (e.g., it's not written for a 4th grade reading level). If you don't like it, there is a very good chance that you are an idiot -- and not in a simple, debasing, I-lost-the-argument-and-I-want-to-belittle-you way... you are probably literally at an I.Q. at or slightly below that of our current American President, George W. "An Autistic Chimpanzee Fucked my Mom and All I Got was this Stupid DNA" Bush.

I'm not the first to blog about this show, or about any of the new NBC shows, I'm sure. I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the DVDs that are handed out to potential advertisers because someone I know through my parents works for Bravo/Lifetime, which is owned by NBC/GE/30 Rock/whatever. I just love Bradley "Wisconsin Native Breaks the Big Time" Whitford, I want the show to stay on the air, and I know the soul has been sucked out of equally great and greater shows like "Firefly" and "Arrested Development" and "Picket Fences." Watch this show and enjoy it, you lemmings. NOW!

Note: Watching all those shows on DVD without commercials (and, in some cases -- like with "Studio 60," in fact -- without finished opening credits) a couple of months early makes prioritizing the fall season much, much easier. In a nutshell, "Studio 60" and "Heroes" will last. I'm on the fence about "Kidnapped" (I was wrong about the equally-seemingly-short-term-gainy "Prison Break"). And "Friday Night Lights" is incredibly boring -- and I love football -- and "Raines" and "The Black Donnellys"... eh.


Blogger A+ said...

Studio 60 was fantastic. As good or better than Sports Night and the early days of West Wing. It even made me not hate Amanda Peet, which is huge, because dude? I hate her.

Also: Could Matthew Perry *BE* any more awesome?

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