Friday, December 15, 2006

What Losing Streak?

Packers 30 - 49ers 19

I can really pour it on how badly we beat up on the 'Niners last weekend because they absolutely slaughtered Mike Holmgren's Seahawks in the second half of their game last night. The transitive property (a good friend to all Packers fans) dictates that we are therefore now a far better team than the Super Bowl losers of last season. [Packers beat San Fran, so we're better than them; San Fran beats Seattle, so they're better than the Seahawks; therefore, the Packers are better than the Seahawks -- the game earlier this season obviously becomes moot, since this all happened much more recently than that.]

We benefited from the 49ers mistakes, and we caused our fair share of them to occur, too. At the same time, we left the game with only two penalties for a mere ten yards -- for whatever reason (makeup from a certain call, perhaps?!), the officials didn't spoil this game for us. From the fans' perspective, watching a game where your team doesn't shoot itself in the foot is quite embiggenning.

I have to give a little credit to Charles Woodson, who earned another... oh, we'll say $1.5 million after being involved in four tackles, a fumble recovery, and an impressive 40-yard punt return. Rookie sensation Greg 'The Jennerator' Jennings had five receptions for 50 yards, and Double-D, whom the 'Niners inexplicably left in single coverage for most of the game, caught nine for 160, including another beautiful TD catch-and-run. This one was a 68-yarder reminiscent of the 82-yard play in the Vikings game... another slant, TYVM, but he turned this one into a corner route and then shook off a tackle from a Mr. Mark Roman on his way to the end zone. That was the second play in a two-play drive following a Nick Collins interception. It was also regular-season TD pass #413 for Brett. If he can string seven more together in the last three games this season, he'll tie Marino's record. Eight'll take him over the top.

Tomorrow, the Bob-and-Jeff-and-Bob-Junior crew heads up to the north for a long pre-game leading up to the Lions game at Lambeau. The Motown kitties are on a five-game slide. As I've pointed out, the last two times I've been at The Tundra have resulted in the last two victories the Pack has pulled off there. My attendance on Sunday should ensure another home win and the sixth consecutive loss by Detroit. I'm looking forward to seeing at least four TD passes from Favre. Then we turn right around and play our next -- and last -- home game of the season on Thursday night against the Vikings. It'll be a very short week, so I'm hoping we'll be able to stay healthy. On that front, it looks like Tauscher should be able to play in at least one of these next two. We've missed him.

Watch this space for more good news, kids. Remember: The Packers have not yet been eliminated from playoff contention.

Incidentally, that missing final score was Packers 10 - Jets 38.

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